Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Miroir Noir: Arcade Fire Neon Bible Archives Doc

The video crew behind the excellent La Blogotheque, have released a film that documents Arcade Fire and their album Neon Bible. Though a bit too artsy at times, the film gives a good glimpse into the band recording the album, their tour, telephone marketing campaign, and other behind the scenes footage.

I'm not a huge fan of Neon Bible but watching the film there's no mistaking that you get the idea that the record does none of the justice of their live show. In fact, even moments where the band is stripped away and it's just Win and Regine playing the songs sound much more engaging than the record itself. It makes me wish that they would release an album of live acoustic sessions. Anyways, for those looking for a glimpse into the band the documentary comes highly recommended but don't expect a focused narrative. Like the title says it's archives of video taken before, during, and after the release of Neon Bible.

Trailer for Miroir Noir:

[Miroir Noir site]
[Arcade Fire site]

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