Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Caddywhompus Songs

One of my favorite new bands to come out of New Orleans, Caddywhompus, have started a blog where you can find postings about all kinds of information to keep you updated. They have also posted two new songs on their MySpace from their tape split with Female Demand (another two-piece band that I need to check out) that will also be on their album to be released March 16th.

"Probably shouldn't have taken all that acid" is a slow, tripped out, hazey swirl of sonic noise. Definitely one of the more experimental tracks from the band, reminding me a bit of Animal Collective in the beginning yet they come to produce their own signature touch as Chris Rehm starts singing and Sean Hart's drumming comes crushing in.

"But Not Before A Show" is a song built on an infectiously catchy melody, likely to become their next big anthem next to Absinthesizer if it not already is. The guitar joyfully bomps along to the marching-band style percussion. It actually sounds like it would be a great song for a parade.

These new songs continue to showcase the band's amazing creativity and with the amount of praise they've gotten at shows thus far it looks like there's no stopping them from accomplishing great things in the future.

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